Sunday, May 30, 2010

Progress Report: or, The Curb Fairy Is my New Best Friend

So, yesterday was Saturday and I didn’t post and today’s post is going to be truncated, but there has been progress with the move:
  1. With the CDs, I’m now through the Ps, and am definitely going to need to run out for more CD albums in the near future.
  2. While out for a walk in the neighborhood yesterday, we found two wardrobe boxes on the curb, and John carried them – both at once – the twoish blocks back to our house, removed the tied-off bag of dog doo that another neighbor had so classily dropped into one of the boxes, inspected said box to make sure the bag was really and truly tied off (it was), and then brought them into the house, where we realized we had nowhere to put them, SO …
  3. John took all the books off of a bookcase that was in the process of collapsing and carried it out to the curb, and then we boxed up NINE boxes of books from that bookcase (and there are at least two more to go – it was tall, and we’d overloaded it, hence the collapse).
  4. I made a double-batch of my mom’s meat sauce, enough for last night’s spaghetti dinner, plus four more dinners.
  5. I bought John a mini German Chocolate cake for being such a good sport about lugging the wardrobe boxes home and dealing with the doggie doo.
In other news, while all this was going on, a group of college girls from up the street took the broken bookcase plus several CD racks that weren’t in good enough shape to bother moving from our curb. At one point while they were taking all the shelving, John startled them by answering the door (ironically, someone selling security systems door-to-door), and they hid behind a bush in our yard. When one of them finally got up the courage to ask if we were throwing the stuff out, John assured her that we were and couldn’t be happier to have someone take it who could use it.

Today, I need to do research, which entails – I’m dead serious – watching Buffy and Twilight and taking notes. I’m giving a paper on vampire TV and movies marketed to teen girls and they way they depict dating violence at the Children’s Literature Association conference in mid-June.

So, I’m off to the Buffyverse.


Anonymous said...

No TruBlood?

Danielle said...

I haven't been watching TruBlood or The Vampire Diaries. It'd be a bit much for a 15-20 minute presentation anyway, but if I look into doing an article-length piece, I'll definitely check it out.